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One-on-One Consultations

Meet individually to discuss specific course needs or generate instructional technology questions.

Group Workshops

Hands-on workshops are generally offered in mid-August through early September, mid-January, and the week after Commencement.

Showcase Events

The Instructional Technology Development Program occasionally co-sponsors one to two events during the semester with the Center for Teaching Excellence to offer technology workshops for faculty. See Center for Teaching Excellence Events.


The department maintains a small supply of iPads for faculty to borrow throughout the semester.


A wiki is a collaborative website where students can post text, images, links, videos, polls, charts, anything that can go on the web. It allows students to work in groups to showcase their research and share with others in the class. The department maintains the campus-wide license to Wikispaces.

Video Projects

Many faculty are incorporating multimedia into student projects. The office can work with you to develop a video assignment. Students have access to Macs with iMovie in Academic Media Services and the Phillips Memorial Library for editing work.

Clickers/Personal Response System

The clicker is a handheld device that a student uses to register an answer to a question posed in class. Clicker results can be anonymous or linked to each student for grading purposes. This office provides the hardware and software for using clickers, as well as consultation on how and why to use them in your class.