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Adding YouTube Videos to Sakai

How do I add a YouTube video to my course?

You can easily add a YouTube video to the Resources section of your Sakai Course Site.  Below are step-by-step instructions adding the video to Resources.

You can also click here to download a PDF copy of the instructions for adding a YouTube video to Sakai Resources.

  1. Go to YouTube and locate the video that you wish to share with your class.

Screenshot of the YouTube search feature

2. Below the video, you will find a button called, “Share”.  Click the Share button, and then copy the URL that appears.

A screenshot of the Share button on YouTube

3. Open Sakai, and navigate to the Course Site where you wish to share the video.  Open the “Resources” tool in the Course Site.

Screenshot of the Sakai Resources button

4. Click the “Actions” button to the left of the folder where you wish to add the YouTube link.  From the dropdown menu, click, “Add Web Links”.

Screenshot of the Action Button in Sakai Resources

5. Paste the copied URL for the YouTube video into the field labeled, “Web Address”.  You can also give the video a more recognizable name.  Note that you are able to add more than one link if you click “Add Another Website”.  When you are done, click, “Add Web Links Now”.

6. The website link will now appear in the Resources folder for your students to access.

Screenshot of the YouTube link appearing in Sakai Resources

How do I embed a YouTube video in Sakai?


Sakai also allows you to embed YouTube videos into Lesson pages so that students can view them in the context of the lesson instead of navigating away to  To learn more about this, click here to navigate to the Sakai Lessons page.