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Faculty Highlights

Project Spotlight: iPad/Apple TV Pilot Program

ITDP, in collaboration with Academic Media Services and Information Technology and under the guidance of the Instructional Technology Committee, announced an iPad/Apple TV initiative in the spring 2013 semester. Faculty from across the College submitted brief applications for participation in the project. Fourteen faculty were selected to pilot the use of iPads in the classroom, using an Apple TV to connect wirelessly to a classroom projector. This set-up allows faculty to move around, using the iPad as a writing slate, a way to project content-specific apps, and a web browser, changing the focus in the classroom from instructor to content. Both faculty and students are providing valuable feedback as the College focuses on enhancing student engagement.

Watch for presentations and brown bag sessions throughout the semester to learn how your colleagues are transforming their classroom teaching techniques.

Wireless Projection Technology at Providence College

Faculty participants:

  • Robert Barry, Fr. Thomas Petri – Theology
  • Michael Grande, Carol Hartley, Michael Kraten, Judi Morse – Accountancy
  • Eric Hartman – Global Studies
  • Lynne Lawson – Engineering/Physics/Systems
  • Joe Cammarano – Public and Community Service (DWC colloquium)
  • Seann Mulcahy, Ken Overly, Jay Pike – Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Giacomo Striuli – Foreign Language Studies
  • Adrian Weimer – History


The ITDP supports iClicker, a handheld device that a student uses to register an answer to a question posed in class. Clicker results can be anonymous or linked to each student for grading purposes. This office provides a consultation on a variety of ways to use clickers in your class, the hardware and software for using clickers, and ongoing support as you incorporate them into your curriculum.

The ITDP has also been experimenting with software that allows students to use their own devices (smartphones or laptops) as clickers.

Here are some of the faculty members currently using clickers:

  • Jim Keating, Pat Macfarlane, Eric Parks (Development of Western Civilization)
    • Replace paper quizzes; students receive instant feedback of how they’re doing in the course
  • Mark DeFanti (Marketing)
    • Gauge student responses to advertising campaigns
  • Mary Anne Sedney (Psychology)
    • Test for reading comprehension of required texts
  • Peg Ruggieri (Accountancy)
    • Practice questions from the CPA exam


North American Architecture, Spring 2009

Faculty: Alice Beckwith (Art & Art History)

Ethnobotany, Fall 2011

Faculty: Maia Bailey (Biology)